Modem Anikom 2400

Modem Anikom 2400 is used for transmit data through narrow band radio station.  Data speed through radio is 1200 or 2400 baud. On RS232 side can be set between 1200 and 38400 baud.
Protocols that modem can handle are TRANSPARENT, DNP, MODBUS. We are currently develop software for some other protocols.
Modem is supplied with 12VDC ( 100 mA ). Connection to radio station is made with audio input, audio output, PTT and squelch (optional) wires. Power supply can be delivered through radio station.
Parameters for modem can be set through RS232 with any terminal program. Special AT command are used  for programming parameters.
Route in MODBUS protocol can be programmed remotely. In all other protocols remotely programmed route is not implemented.