E1TNC router with two E1 channels, LAN, and RS485 channel.
Lead your LAN through E1 network !

E1TNC ROUTER is used for connecting two or more independent LAN to one net - WAN by E1 or T1 lines. Two E1 channels enable connections in two different directions with speed of transfer 2.048 Mpbs to each direction. In E1 channel coax cable (75 W) or twisted pair (120 W) can be used. Transmit E1 channel can be synchronized on receive E1 channel, external synch signal or internal tact. Ethernet connector is RJ45. Traffic is directed by MAC addresses of the packets. Additionally there is RS485 connection for such type of devices (automotive, security…). Parameter adjustment can be done through telnet session or with terminal program via RS232. All terminals are galvanic separated. Power supply is for 48V; other voltages can be optional delivered. E1TNC ROUTER is build according to all valid telecommunication standards: G.703 for E1 and IEEE802.3 / IEEE802.3u for LAN.

Additional information (PDF, 36k)

Technical data:

-Two  E1 (2M) channels (for each channel TX and RX BNC connector).

- Impedance E1/T1 75
W or 120 W (G.703)
- External optional synch input  (2.048 MHz) (BNC connector).

- Synchronization TX frequency signal with RX frequency signal, external clock or internal clock (G.703 standard)

- LAN (10/100M, Auto Negotiation, IEEE802.3 / IEEE802.3u LAN standard)

- RJ-45 connector for LAN

- Traffic on net is route regard of MAC addresses of the packet.

- Additional RS485 channel (For baud rates up to  19200).

- Power supply 48VDC, galvanic separate

- RS232 , service input

- IP, TELNET (RFC 854) server with password

- Service with telnet or terminal (NET or RS232)
- Indication of working condition with LED on front panel

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